Volunteer induction checklist

This list is intended to help a volunteer and their main Contact to cover points during initial induction into volunteering with AACT.
  1. The Role
  • Does the Volunteer have a Volunteer Agreement and/or has the role otherwise been explained to them?
  • Are they clear about their role and happy with their Agreement if there is one?
  • Days and Hours
  • Are they clear who their main Contact is?
  • Make sure they know how to find the information for volunteers (see under ‘Working and Volunteering with us’ on www.aact.org.uk)
  • Brief run through of the Volunteering Policy
  1. Health and Safety
  • Have you pointed out the fire exits and explained fire procedure, e.g. where the assembly point is?
  • Have you explained to the volunteer how to record any incident?
  • Have you checked they are aware of what to do in the event of an incident?
  • Are they familiar with the equipment they are to use and do they understand how to use it safely? (this includes taking regular breaks when using display screen equipment)
  • If the Volunteer has special needs, have you agreed with them how these will be met (e.g. building evacuation, access to certain areas)
  • If they are to be volunteering away from the ‘usual’ AACT base (currently on parts of the University of Reading campuses) are they aware that they must follow all Health and Safety and related policies of the site where they will be volunteering?
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Shown where teas and coffees are
  • Shown where they can place their belongings
  • Explained that AACT cannot be responsible for their personal belongings
  • Shown where the toilets are
  • Explained any security measures, such as where to put equipment when a room is not occupied and how to get a room locked.