A mini-app for an artist’s exhibition

Project dates: April – June 2013 Working with artist Jenny Halstead, iMuse is hoping to demonstrate that a low-cost simple web-app can enhance the visitor’s experience, particularly those with sight, learning or reading difficulties.
  • Volunteers in the GardenVolunteers in the Garden
    You can hear the artist talking about volunteering in the Harris Garden here. http://youtu.be/aj9LB4i_zKE
  • Another artist’s text-free mini-app plannedAnother artist's text-free mini-app planned
    iMuse is working with artist, Jenny Halstead, to produce a low-cost mini-app for an in-exhibition iPad. Jenny recently spent a year as Artist in Residence in the Harris Garden at the University of Reading, painting and drawing as the seasons changed. Her exhibition in the Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, runs from 24 May to ...