Whiteknights Studio Trail

I only make works out of waste, leftovers or discarded materials. My relic is the Art Studio Trail. It must have been 2014 when, on the last day of the Reading Whiteknights Trail, I noticed a pile of leaflets; clearly they were out of date by then. Rapidly I reflected that there must be a better way for them to be used, rather than be pulped into a material of inferior quality – as recycling paper normally is. So I carried them home and they remained for a length of time in the cabinet where I store a variety of materials, all waiting to be employed in something – hopefully – meaningful. Once the theme for the new collective installation was revealed, an idea was born. The reliquary structure is obtained using the leaflets to make rods; these are then folded and bound together with wire from stripped electrical cables, thus giving origin to the required shape. Spectacle lenses symbolically represent the glass for the case – delicately hanging, held by copper wire, at the mercy of how the wind happens to blow. A pair of spectacles, complete in their frame, is a reminder of art acting as something for us to look through, and see with. Do you see in focus or is it blurred? Do you see dark or clear? My thanks go to Dr Kirk optician, who collected and donated the lenses. I would also like to pay a tribute to Christine Brewster, my teacher, who regularly attends the Trail and to whom I am much indebted.