We are working on a simple way to set up a quiz which allows both multi choice and ‘click on…’ image questions.

The first published quiz was created to accompany the Equaliteas run by RG Spaces at the Holy Brook Gallery, Central Library, Reading, UK June 2018 as a fun way of raising awareness of the evolution towards democracy. The events were run alongside an exhibition of the work a Berkshire High Sheriff by a local artist.

Click on http://vote100reading.rgspaces.org.uk/quiz/ to try the quiz, which was distributed in printed-scroll form at the event as well as being made available online.

There is some sort of compromise needed between adding many bells and whistles to the quiz, and creating something maintainable, usable on many different visitor devices as well as, for example, fixed iPad in-gallery displays, and being printable in some form. One of the aims is to produce a system which enables a quiz to be knocked up very quickly for a specific event so curbing the desire to complicate is important.